Vol 23, No 2 (2017)

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The continuing problem with misoprostol PDF
W Edridge 36


Does interval laparoscopic sterilisation influence the risk of lower genital tract infections and menstrual abnormalities? PDF
G Kistan, J S Bagratee, M Panday 38
Perinatal outcomes in pregnant women presenting with preterm premature rupture of membranes at a regional hospital in KwaZulu- Natal Province, South Africa PDF
G Msomi, M Naidoo, B Hira 43
The peritoneum at laparotomy: A survey of gynaecological practice among Nigerian gynaecologists PDF
A A Bamigboye, F O Okonfua 48
An endometrial histomorphometric study of CD56+ natural killer cells in women with unexplained infertility PDF
M Muller, G Kalmeier, P Eyal, A de Bruin, R Pool, C du Rant, R Ehlers, A Stander, A van Schoor, E Nortje, P du Toit 51
Factors associated with women’s intention to request caesarean delivery in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania PDF
C G Misaeli, B A Kamala, A H Mgaya, H L Kidanto 56
Factors associated with the lack of antiretroviral therapy initiation among eligible HIV-positive pregnant women in Swaziland PDF
C Chouraya, G Louwagie, B Nhlabatsi, M A Mahdi, B V Girdler-Brown 63

Review article

Termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly in a Tunisian population PDF
E B Hamida, I Ayadi, A Bezzine, B Rabii, S B Hammouda, B Bouguerra, z Marrakchi 69

Case reports

Bucket-handle tear of posterior uterine cervical lip in second-trimester unscarred uterus after use of misoprostol: A first report of two cases PDF
S R Singhal, S K Singhal 71

CPD questionnaire

CPD questionnaire PDF

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