Vol 19, No 1 (2013)

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Prevention of cervical cancer - how long before we get it right? PDF HTML
L C Snyman 2-3

Original articles

A comparison of orally administered misoprostol and membrane sweeping for labour induction in uncomplicated, singleton post-term pregnancies PDF HTML
A O Adeniji, S E Akinola 4-7
A comparison of post-incisional subcutaneous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous plus intramuscular infiltrations of lidocaine in post-caesarean pain control PDF HTML
N Navali, R F Fouladi, M A Nikpour 8-12

Case reports

Neovagina creation - laparoscopic Vecchetti-based approach with the new kit PDF HTML
M I Viola, K Van der Merwe, I Siebert, T F Kruger 14-16
Rusty pipe syndrome in a 22-year-old primigravida at 26 weeks' gestation PDF HTML
M Guèye, S M Kane-Guèye, M Mbaye, M D Ndiaye-Guèye, M E Faye-Diémé, A A Diouf, M M Niang, J C Moreau 17-18
Delayed and successful manual removal of abnormally adherent placenta necessitated by uterine sepsis following conservative management with adjuvant methotrexate – a rewarding clinical experience PDF HTML
S Shekhar, N Chauhan, K Singh, C Sharma, M Surya 19-21
Management of drug-induced hyperbilirubinaemia in early pregnancy PDF HTML
H Tsuyoshi, K Nishijima, J Takahashi, Y Yoshida 22-23

CPD questionnaire

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