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That's right, according to eMarketer research study Amazon will capture 49.1% of eCommerce market. That's 5.6% boost from 2017 market share where Amazon was at 43.5%. Which indicates in 2019 over half of all retail items will be purchased on Amazon. Let that simply sink it for a minute. A minimum of 1 out of 2 items sold online will be purchased on Amazon. If that statistic doesn't blow your mind I have something even better. Did you understand that 68% of all Amazon sales are made by private companies or individuals? That's best nearly 3/4 of all products on Amazon are sold by routine individuals, some who used Amazing Offering Device to do simply that. That's 33.4% of all eCommerce items offered in 2018. Now do you see this chart on the right of leading 10 US companies ranked by retail eCommerce? Amazon closes competitor is eBay with 6.6% and specific sellers that you AmazonMarketplace to sell their items manage 33.4%. So if we broke up the private sellers on Amazon from the business itself they would control 33.4% of the marketplace, Amazon would have 15.7% at second, and 3rd eBay with its 6.6%. Why is this key for Amazing Offering Machine users? remarkable selling machineASMX is all about selling on Amazon as an individual or a personal company. Which implies if you're on the inside and fallowing the training you can not only benefit from AMZ supremacy but be a part of it as well. The truth is that the number 1 reason Amazon manages a lot of eCommerce is the marketplace sellers. Their supremacy over products offered just keeps increasing and their 68% of share of Amazon's overall sales is a terrific reflection of this. All in all, it's conclusive proof this design works. Plus, Amazing Selling Machine testimonials are another kind of evidence on how well it works. As soon as you're inside you'll have the ability to satisfy and talk with individuals that are making over $100,000 with ASM selling on Amazon monthly. That's over a million each year and all of them at one point or another were exactly where you are now. Sitting and thinking about if AmazingSellingMachine is for them.

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