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It has been recommended by these who market the AD 95 date of the Revelation that the temple in John's vision was not Herod's temple, given that it was destroyed in AD 70. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note John's reference to the Court of the Gentiles, which was an extravagant addition, commissioned by Herod. Without the need of minimizing the positive contribution which privileged classes may bring to the struggle, the liberation movement ought to, on the cultural level just as on the political level, base its action in well-liked culture, what ever could be the diversity of levels of cultures in the country. A brilliant orator and skillful politician, William Pitt the Elder, (offered the nickname by historians to distinguish him from his son of the same name who also served as Prime Minister), joined the military as a young man, but was unable to prove himself as a soldier as Walpole had kept Britain out of military intervention abroad.

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