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Degrees The entertainment industry has been currently developing rapidly, especially in the development of the games industry with a variety of different types. Gamers have so many choices for their passion, using handheld devices such as Nintendo, PS2, PS3, PS4 with extreme configuration and well-designed characters in the game. But for the veteran gamers of the 8x and head-9x generation, it is too hard to forget the classic four-button gaming machines which have entered the childhood memories. One of them is the Tetris game. The classic four-button gaming machines » If you are looking for other fantastic games to skill up, don’t hesitate to check out these best free online card games The Tetris Game is the most well-known electronic game of all times and has a big effect on the video game industry. The game was made up by Alexey P and is typically among the top 5 video games of all times on the Internet annually due to its influence and gameplay. The Tetris game stays on the electronic game which is played the most popularly in history, with no signs of slowing down. Types of shapes The game has seven types of blocks: I (vertical), J, L, O (square), S, T, Z. We can see each block is composed of four small squares stacked together. We can treat these blocks as rectangles of different sizes.The other shapes are created by rotating these basic blocks at angles of 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees.A random string of Tetriminos falls to the playing field (a rectangular pivot, called "matrix"). How to play  The best internet game online  Tetris is one of the best internet games online and available on most electronic mediums, you can also play it on your computer; a GBA or Nintendo DS work as well.The objective of the game is to move the falling blocks slowly down in the rectangular size 20 rows x 10 columns (on the screen). If a place has a brick, players cannot move the blocks to that position. Players place blocks so that the blocks fill up a horizontal row to score and the horizontal line disappears.We have two tables: 20 lines displayed in two tables • The main panel with 24 lines and ten columns. There will be only 20 lines displayed and the other four will not. Why? Because when we create a new brick to fall, we will create about 4 top lines. And the player will not see until it comes down gradually. • A “Next” panel showing the next tiles that will be added to the play screen when the current block is set. A group of 4 blocks will fall from the top of the screen, move the blocks and rotate them until they fall to the bottom of the screen, then the next four blocks will fall.Players will lose a Tetris game when they cannot keep up with the increasing speed any longer, or when the player cannot afford to deal with the problems of the Tetriminos given, and the Tetriminos heap up to the top of the screen. The game ends when the blocks do not fall anymore.All tetrominoes are able to complete one and two lines. J, L can have three. Only I Tetrimino has the ability to delete four lines at once, and this is called a "Tetris." Delete at most four rows / 1 time. Shortcut:• Up arrow Key: rotate blocks.• Left arrow key: move left.• Right arrow key: move right.• Down arrow Key: Speed up falling. Tetris Game also belongs to the hottest list of free online games for teenagers - Try right now. Playing Tetris continuously could be advantageous to the more efficient brain which may act more efficiently. When playing Tetris, players get more skillful because their brains absorb a less quantity of glucose. That makes brain activity more efficient for tasks.